Monday, March 28, 2011

Uhmerika is Dumm

I know that I can be a pain in the tush when it comes to spelling and grammar. It drives me insane that it's now acceptable to read things like "Bridget Jones's Diary."When I was a kid (said in that grouchy old person voice) there was no extra "s" after the apostrophe. It's like the dictionary people are all like "Eh, this rule's too hard, people screw it up enough... let's just change it."

Just this week, those in charge of the Oxford English Dictionary (said in that snooty clenched voice) threw in the vocabulary towel by adding OMG and LOL to the big book (along with 898 other new words). I remember the controversy created by including the word "ain't"! Look how far we've come, America!

Instead of living up to educated standards, are they lowering the bar to make us look less illiterate?

IMG_0012Last year, while walking around my 'favorite' discount store, I noticed the signs above the aisles (the corporate, must-have-gone-through-a-chain-of-approval, permanent signs) were unbelievably wrong. In one aisle, you could find "cheese graders." I. kid. you. not. I was looking for the big cheese holding a bunch of report cards nearby. In another, irragation supplies were available for purchase.

So it shouldn't surprise me when I run into things like this, printed off by an employee at the local Target.

Or this little gem of a postcard, sent by a local McDonald's. Are you seriously telling me that the owner of the golden arches doesn't know how to spell fries? It's on the damn menu, dude! (Although I do enjoy that it was sent to the "Morgan" family -- Jeff just loves being Mr. Morgan.)
It's not even the fact that mistakes are everywhere you turn -- I'm sure I have a couple right here in this post. It's that no one seems to take pride in their words/work or even responsibility for glaring errors on everything from corporate signs and educational materials to public and legal documents.

When did we stop caring?

Maybe it's all a big ruse, created to give Jacob and myself something to bond over. Just the other day, he handed me a note from an adult, where she confused the word "road" with "rode." He snickered as he handed it over, pointing out the mistake while shaking his head. I swear I could've squeezed him 'til he popped, I was so proud of his snarky condescension.

I guess the appul don't fall to far from thu tree.


Melissa said...

My husband and I were just talking about this the other night when we saw that Oxford put LOL and wassup into the dictionary. We basically had the same reaction as you did. I don't understand how LOL, which is an acronym (and kind of a bad one at that) that wouldn't even make it into a game of scrabble, makes it into the dictionary... and wassup is just laziness. Then again, I had parents & teachers (especially 4-7 grade) who were sticklers for grammar. So my annoyance is likely going to grow.

BensonFam said...

Yes they are and it's driving me nuts!

Maggie said...

Uggh! You should hear the horror stories from my college professor friend. He gets essays from his students written almost entirely in text shorthand! I was shocked when I first heard this! College students! At a fairly big University! What is the world coming to!