Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tatt2: What Would You Do to Save the Tatas?

A mother's love is like no other. But the moms I am most in awe of are those who embrace their children for their own unique selves. No, I don't mean like this woman who actually drove the getaway car for her delinquent son...I mean, I love my kids but come on.

I mean moms like my friend Tami. While I wasn't there during her motherhood journey and have no idea whether she experienced freak outs over things like piercings, blue hair or that first tattoo (all things I actually think I'm okay with, at some point and to some degree)... it's her love for her son and his creativity that has come back in the most heartwarming way.


Chase has created a one-of-a-kind event to support his mom, who has just completed treatment chemo and radiation for breast cancer. For just a 20 dollar donation, a local tattoo shop has offered to donate their time and skills and tattoo those brave enough with a 1.5 inch breast cancer awareness ribbon. (PS You don't have to get the tattoo - you can just donate 20 bucks at the event or even send it in.)

Tami, who lives by the motto 'real men wear pink,' has been overwhelmed by the support of friends and family, but none more passionate than her own husband and two sons, all planning to honor the woman in their life by getting their tattoos for tatas. But Tami's family is also shedding light on the many men who suffer from breast cancer, and are also raising money in honor of Tami's father, who passed away from breast cancer.

"I am so proud of my son and what he is doing and hope that it will be a day to remember forever. We are most passionate about getting the word out to men that they, too, can get breast cancer!  We don't want to lose another one of the precious men in our lives to this disease."

For more info, check out the Tattoos for Tatas page on Facebook.

It's because of Tami, Chase and their entire family that I've learned lesson #13. Embracing those you love for who they is the only way to go.

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Anonymous said...

So I loved reading this post. I wish my dad felt the same way when I was growing up. Not because I wanted to get lots of tattoos or anything like that. I just wish he had the attitude of... its really about the relationship and love with your wife and kids. "no earrings, wearing your hat backwards, open doors and tattoos". really? To me that thinking process is close minded. My wife and I adopted our two children form this amazing Foster care service I am so great full for them. Maybe when they are old enough we can get matching tattoos like Tami's kids of something that is of true meaning or like tattoos for tatas. Great post again. And I wish all the luck for Tami's family and sorry to hear about her father.