Monday, October 19, 2009

The Gift of Life

My husband, the crazy-talented love-of-my-life Jeff MacDougall, wrote a song three years ago while I was going through the life-altering process of facing the risk of breast cancer. The song, which I've heard about a zillion times and it still brings me to tears, has finally been recorded and is NOW AVAILABLE to you for download!

But there's more. For every penny Jeff makes on this song through 2009, it will be donated to (AKA FORCE), a community that I have been blessed to connect with since discovering my cancer risk. In fact, it was the ladies and men from FORCE who carried me through some of the days I thought I would never get through it.

If you read my blog daily or this is your first time here, I am asking you. PLEASE support this important cause by downloading the song for 99 cents today. FORCE is the only national nonprofit organization helping families affected by hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. FORCE helps prevent needless deaths and save lives!

If you or someone you love faces the risk of hereditary cancers, please visit You can also follow them on Twitter and join their group on Facebook.

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