Monday, September 14, 2009

Medical Advice, Direct to Your Door

I love Facebook. You might even say I'm borderline addicted. It's fun to catch up on new and old friends, see pics and chat with family. I love it so much, I wrote THIS post, which received a couple of chuckles (probably because it's so true).

But one thing that I could do without on FB is the ads. From the perfect fat-burning berries to another one that keeps popping up telling me to go back to school (noooo thank you). But none of them get to me like the one for the DNA breast cancer kit. Take it from me, if you think you may have a genetic mutation that gives you a higher risk for cancer, call a genetic counselor right away. Do NOT order a kit online -- even if it is on sale -- to determine whether your health is at risk. What's next, online pap smears? Some things are better left to the medical community, people.

This is today's public service announcement.