Friday, September 18, 2009

Mentioning the Unmentionables

As I hurried through Target, attempting to pick up things we need without even glancing at the hundreds of things we don't that catch my eye, a certain boy's attention was caught -- stopping him in his tracks.

"Ohhh those are coooool," he says, as he simulates a high-five all the way down the racks and racks of ladies wear.

"Do you know what those are," I asked. Remember his mom hasn't worn one in the three years post-surgery.

"Yeah?" he kind of states and questions at the same time, kind of unsure that they are, in fact, for what he thinks they are.

"What are they?" (I couldn't help myself, now I was just curious.)

"They're for mermaids!"

Sure, little man. They're for mermaids. Now let's just hope you don't learn the real answer 'til you're married and in your 30s. Mama's not ready for that talk.