Monday, May 11, 2009

Letting Go... Starting New

I've been looking to make an investment lately. No, not one in an unsteady stock market or slapping down a big down payment in a confusing real estate climate. I wanted to make an investment in our family, by finding a photographer and creating some beautiful photos, documenting all that we've gone through in the past year. More on that in a second...

It's been eight months (and a day) since Lucy arrived home. The time has flown by. The dynamics of our family have shifted back and forth and upside down. It's like an earthquake hit, throwing all of our valuables up in the air while shaking us up. The funny thing about this natural disaster is that as the earthquake settles, our valuables are landing in a new way -- a better way. It's like we're now looking around us and noticing that the rubble and furniture in disarray actually works for us. Because, for us, the adoption process has been an act of God (herein referred to as A.O.G) -- complete with shock, pain, suffering, strength and beauty. Discovering your own ability to fight for what's right and finding support and love in those around you is something that happens often after an A.O.G. -- something that we saw first hand.

I could talk about our experience over the past several months every single day. I am happy to share what we've endured, learned and suggest for those on the journey ahead.

But not here.

Adoption is part of our family -- a very, very important part. But we're at the point where it doesn't need to be discussed daily. It doesn't define our life day in and day out. I am so proud of our family, of Lucy's strength and determination, of our boys' ability to open their hearts and face new and unknown territory with humor and bravery. I'm proud of Jeff, and even me, for making our marriage a priority -- something that could very easily suffer with all of the change, stress, and soul searching that have come along with the past months.

As you've probably noticed by now, we're letting go of Taiwan-On. That doesn't mean we're letting go of Taiwan by any stretch. In fact, it was a year ago that I was there for the first time visiting Lucy. It was a trip that changed me, it was a country that I fell in love with. We will always celebrate our daughter's culture, her birth country, and her first family.

But this is not the place for that.

The Silver Whining, designed by the beautiful and artistic Rebecca, is not an adoption blog. Of course you can count on some adoption-related stories -- like I said, it's a huge part of our family. But while I was looking to talk and write about everything-adoption while waiting for Lucy, I've found myself thinking 'I'm not your neighborhood adoption representative.' If you have questions, feel free to email me. I'm happy to discuss. But when it comes to day-to-day stories, my kids are my kids, no matter how they came to us.

So how does one tell a story of tragedy, triumph, tears, chaos and love without being long-winded and boring the heck out of people? (I obviously haven't succeeded at that part!) You find someone else to tell the story...

Let me tell you about Wendy Whitacre. Wendy is the owner of Blue Lily Photography. But Wendy does much, much more than "take pictures." Wendy and her amazing husband, Tyler, caught our family in a way I've never experienced -- she brought out the love, commitment, and strength we feel for each other every single day. She saw our children's playful side, encouraged their individuality and let them be exactly who they are. She made us feel like we were the only people ever to have been on the other side of her lens. I was amazed by her ability to get the best out of our kids, even after our two hour drive to the beautiful spot Wendy had chosen for our shoot.

Now, I know you can see there are pics to see so I'll stop rambling long enough for you to check them out. Every one of them feels like a work of art. I truly can't believe that's our family.

See what I mean? Wendy is such an incredible talent. My family and I are grateful we were blessed with her gift and highly recommend you have her take your picture. She and Tyler are located in SoCal but travel often... maybe even to your neighborhood! Here's a peek at their upcoming travel dates:
May 14-19, NYC
May 29-30th, Houston and Dallas
June 17-20th, Utah
July 23-25th, Seattle/Portland
September 24-27th Georgia/North Carolina
October 12-17th, Utah
October 23-26th, Florida, Orlando area
November 11-14th, Phoenix

Thank you Wendy and Tyler for sharing your brilliance with us! And Rebecca, for finding the time and energy to create a gorgeous space for me to share.

Later this week: Processing what Mother's Day really means to me...


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danielle :) said...

where did she shoot your pictures?
I love the bridge and the greenery! We still can't afford professional photos but I can sure as heck do it myself. Please share!

Amy, Ryan, Aidan and Lauren said...

Wonderful pictures...yay!

RP Mom said...

The pictures are beautiful. I loved reading this post!! HUGS to your amazing family.

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it's easy to make beautiful pictures when you have a beautiful family.