Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tired or Stoopid? You Decide.

Mornings around here are a little like a stock car race -- lots of speed, screaming, and naked people (I mean the kids, of course).

The typical weekday morning goes something like this: I get up around 5:30 AM, get some work done, meet Lucy at the stairs around 6:00, get lunches made, breakfast ingested -- although hardly ever by me -- and two preschoolers held down, I mean buckled up, in their car seats. I'm usually sweaty, cranky and bargaining with a certain bullheaded boy by the time the former Jackie would even be waking up.

So when I got out to the car one recent morning and discovered that my remote wouldn't unlock the door to my car, it didn't take much to set me off. I was late and stressed and needed to prepare for a meeting -- I didn't have time for this!

I ran back inside the house and got Jeff's keys. They didn't work either. I was locked out of my car and had no way of getting in. NO WAY!

Or did I?

After ranting and raving, going back and forth inside the house and out to the car wondering how I was ever going to fix this situation, a light went off. And when I say "went off," I mean went off and smacked me around a little, laughing at me and calling me stupid. Because what hadn't occurred to me, as I was holding my keys wondering how I was going to get in my car, was that I was holding my keys. MY KEYS. We are living in an age with automatic everything -- doing all the work for us -- that we forget how to DO for ourselves. Don't even pretend you haven't spent more time searching for the TV remote instead of walking over to the TV and changing it. I can't wait to tell my kids that I grew up in a time when you couldn't pause TV and had to cook things in the actual oven!

Am I completely losing brain cells or is this just a sign I have too much on my plate, like millions of other people? What kinds of silly things have you done when overwhelmed? Don't be shy -- we want to know!


Siemens said...

Can't think of a humorous example, but I've definitely done the whole looking-for-my-glasses-while-wearing-them-on-my-head thing. :)

Linney said...

we took the kids to the zoo, and we were in the area where you could feed the birds....well, all of a sudden i couldn't see our youngest (2 yrs old), and i ran up to my husband all frantic asking if he had seen him. he says, "ummm, honey, look on your hip!" yes, i am blonde.

autumnraina said...
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autumnraina said...

*comment fail* I must be stressed already.

Anyway, when stressed I frequently try to use my car remote to unlock the front door to my house. It never works. . .

Anonymous said...

I've actually done the same thing. I had borrowed my mom's Cadillac to go to a friend's wedding for the weekend. I was a bit nervous when leaving the rehearsal dinner (totally HOT groomsman nearby!) and couldn't figure out how to get in the car cause the remote wouldn't work. I felt pretty stupid when he suggested using the KEY. Yeah, he stopped flirting with me after that. :)