Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's Time to "Get in the Picture"

Back in March, I issued a challenge. Instead of taking photos of your kids, I encouraged mothers everywhere to get in the picture. I was amazed at the emails and comments I got from moms who, too, admitted they're guilty of waiting until they "showered" or "weren't so heavy" or "had makeup on." Let's be honest, will we ever look exactly the way we want?

Don't make that mistake.

Kids don't care how you look. They just want to look back one day and have a memory of their childhood -- with mom in it. The emails I've gotten from those who've lost a parent and wish they had more photos... or even just those who say it goes by too fast and don't have anything to look back on. If you haven't sent me a picture of you and your children -- or you and your mom -- it's not too late. Email me at

Enjoy these great shots. And thanks to all who participated!

Tomorrow: Read the inspiration for our new blog and the photo shoot that opened my eyes. And later this week: the ups, downs and emotional conflict that is Mother's Day.


meow said...

Wow Jackie!
i love the new site and thank you.
I too agree on the get in the photo with your kids thingie and yes, i too am guilty of not getting myself in the pic.
One new thing we do is use the self-timer a lot more. It's so great and the kids love it. It works well for impromptu little photos when i'm home alone with the kids- and so silly and fun.
Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day!

mandy said...

I thought of your challenge today. SO I took my camera to church on Mother's Day and snap pictures of my friends with their children. And of course had a friend do the same for me.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Mother's Day post. I kept meaning to send in a pic...what happened? :( Anyway, thank you for the great pictures and the reminder to catch memories for my kids.

Love the new look & feel and the header is beautiful.

PS. I'm not anonymous - just can't seem to post under my account tonight!


whitty-acres said...

Lookin' good, Jackie! Happy Mom's day.

wendy blue lily

momwithfaithandhope said...

WOW - How in the world am I missing all of your posts. . .Loved the slide show. Thanks for including us!!

Rebecca did an awesome job with your blog!!! And the photos are priceless. She truly captured the LOVE.