Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Are You a Fool?

Once, as an April Fool's joke, I called a friend and told her I was at a really fun party. She wrote down the address and zoomed on over.

I wasn't there.

Not only had I sent her to a guy's house who wasn't hosting any sort of soiree, he was actually heading out on a date.


While it's not my proudest life moment, my friend was a fantastic sport and we laughed about it for a long time.

What's the biggest April Fool's joke you've ever pulled or were pranked with?


Unknown said...

Tie: 1) Telling my parents that I was going to be a parent while I was a teen-ager and 2) convincing a co-worker that I gave notice. The fact that I told them this every year on April 1st for ten years was the amazing part.

Stellan Bracelets said...

Ditto Timothy -- telling my boyfriend's mother, with him by my side, that we were expecting... all while she was carrying laundry down the stairs towards us. The laundry went f.l.y.i.n.g.

That being said, the prank I'm about to pull on a co-worker is probably going to be my favorite. He's been very, very, very grumpy all day, and we keep calling him on it... and he won't stop swearing, whining and being in a cantankerous mood. I decided I've had it, I walked down to the drug store to get him some Midol (PMS meds)... I'm about to put it on his desk! ;)