Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It Was Fun While It Lasted

As I drove the boys home from preschool today, we got to chatting...

Jacob: Mom, your birthday is in two days.
Me: That's right.
Brady: We got you a present!
If I could raise one eyebrow, I would be doing it here
Me: Yeah?
Jacob: Mom, how old are you gonna be?
Me: What do you think, Jake?
Jacob: 30. Cause you were 29.
Eyebrow goes back down... darn, he's realizing I can't stay the same age. 
Me: That's right, sweetie -- the big 3-0.

Considering he's believed for the past three years that I was turning 29, I should just be happy I had a good run.

So I guess I'm turning 30 this week.


Unknown said...

Hehe, Happy 30 Jackie!
You could always try 30 again next year. They do forget on occasion...

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

Happy Birthday My sweet sweet Friend! :) Wish I could take you to breakfast! I so enjoyed our breakfasts together in Taiwan!

Big hugs,
Noah's mama

Unknown said...

That's a good run. And hey, at least your kid doesn't think you're older than your husband. D is 5 years my senior, but apparently in my kid's eyes, I'm the OLD HAG. Happy, Happy Birthday Jackie! Wishing you a year of laughter, joy, pictures with your kids, and the best memories ever. Hugs