Thursday, July 24, 2008

Song Fu: Final Challenge!

I don't know HOW he did it... but Jeff has submitted his song for the FINALS of the songwriting contest. He worked like 80+ hours last week, got the boys to school every morning, and just happened to write and record a song...and a GOOD one at that! And get this--he took out the trash and made coffee every morning. (Love you for that!)

If that's not enough to win... then those songwriting fans need a clue on what true talent is. (He made me COFFEE!) His competitor's created a very nice ditty too... congratulations to both on a job very well done. Click here to vote!


Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

I pray he wins!

Noah's Mommy

Andrea said...

LOL, but you're not biased or anything... I am a huge fan of Jonathan Coulton (HUGE!), but your husband's last song got my vote and my attention, and I've been really enjoying reading your sweet blog! I hope your daughter comes home soon.

As for this contest, I don't even know which is better. I'm am soooo torn. It's like, what's better, fudge or brownies? THEY ARE BOTH DELICIOUS!

Expecting Good Things said...

Wow! Your husband has real talent! Up until a couple weeks ago, I didn't know your husband WROTE that "Song for Lucy". How dense am I?!?! That is REALLY good!! Wow! Anyway, I voted for him!! That First Decree is days away. I just know it!! :)

Yvonne Crawford said...

voted for him - what a great song!!