Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wanted: House Sitter Who Blogs

Is it too much to ask our house/dog sitter to keep up with the blog while we're on vacation? Yes, you say? (I guess it's enough that they're living in our house holding down the fort for two weeks) Ok then... you'll have to deal with a less-than-frequent blog schedule for the next several days. We're off to Massachusetts to visit family and celebrate my little sis' nuptials and actually rented a house with NO Internet access. I'm looking forward to being less obsessed with the computer and spend more time with my boys.

For those of you keeping track: we should be in the air right now but Jet Blue was nice enough to cancel our flight. UGH. So we have to wait another 24 hours and drive 90 minutes to another airport in order to get there in time for my sister's "last hurrah" with the girls. (THAT should be worth blogging about.)


Dawn - AB Family said...

Hey guys,
I hope you have a great time. Thank you for loading Jeff’s song to Oronjo, that way us Canadian’s can down load and enjoy it. I sure can’t wait to see you travel to Lucy, have your Forever Family and day bring her home.


Tisra said...

You know what they say about people adopting, and travel- right? ;-)

Let's hope your lack of internet access, a cross country trip, and vacation time all adds up to some BIG NEWS upon your return! I'm believing for it!

15 months tomorrow (waiting for referral)!

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

Y'all have a safe and wonderful trip and enjoy the festivities :) Will miss you while you are gone! Prayerfully you will come back to good news on the decree front! I am still praying that they rush both our things through and we meet in TAIWAN getting our babies :)

Noah's Mommy

Anonymous said...

Oh no jackie that is a nightmare

momwithfaithandhope said...

This is it girlfriend. . .you know it, right? You'll have a wonderful time this weekend, you'll forget about the wait (not Lucy) for one second, and then. . .it will happen. I'm convinced! NEXT WEEK is going to be a BIG BLESSED WEEK! Hugs, Tiff