Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cleanup in Aisle Six!

On a cold, damp Southern California night, I was zipping through the grocery story for two reasons. One, to get home in time to do stories and bed with the kids. The other, so I wouldn't be spotted in my Sunday too-lazy-to-make-myself-presentable mode.

Milk... check.
Cereal...check, check.

Ingredients for Lucy's first birthday cupcakes...

(insert sound effect for being punched in the stomach here)

We're days away from our little girl's first birthday and I'm already weeping in grocery store aisles? Oh man, it's going to be one long week! It would be a little bit easier to deal with if we had any idea of when we'd be traveling. (do you hear me world?)

Here's a photo of the culprits:
And don't think for a second, maker of the "Disney Princess Sprinkles" that you've pulled one over on me. I am almost positive that not only are there no actual princesses in the magic decorative topping, but I bet they weren't even made by genuine princesses. You may have gotten me today but don't get too cocky -- I'm on to you.


Tisra said...

I'm so sorry that she won't be home on her birthday; I can only imagine that this is terribly hard to accept.

On a lighter note- I'm totally on to those Disney Princesses, too! Man-O-Man does our three year old daughter go crazy for anything with them on it. You could put Belle and Aurora on a can of tuna and she'd want it!

suzihill said...

Any 3 or 4 year old will tell you that Yes, those sprinkles are magical and were made by princesses. Now if they could only put princesses on veggies instead of crackers.
I'm so sorry Lucy can't enjoy her cupcakes with you. Maybe the princess magic will bring you some good news.

Anonymous said...

I totally hear you girl, all the way over here in Taiwan! I hope those judges hear you too. Jeremiah needs his girlfriend to be Stateside if they are going to continue their relationship! LOL I was so worried that I had missed so much of Jeremiah being a baby, but I can tell you that he is still very much a baby and Lucy will be too. Hang in there! Lots of love and good wishes being sent your way.

Rebecca Lily said...

Jackie, I love the updated blog header. Miss Lucy is postively SWEET (just like her cupcakes will be... and just like the tears of love her mommy is shedding!!) It is awesome what love you can feel for a child you've only seen a picture of - and how instantly they become yours in your heart!

Praying for you!

RP Mom said...

Paige can't wait until she can play with Lucy. Today I was teaching her to say Lucy when we were looking at the site. She is now running around the upstairs trying to say Lucy. I think we have a new word today!!

Tiffany said...

Jackie - ah miss thang I hear ya all the way here in PA!!! The wait is insane enough but to hit milestones such as this during that time just puts a momma over the edge...even in Aisle 6! Lucy is just gorgeous and looks so very sweet in the pictures. I threw a party so all my friends and family would have to be there with me while I cried blowing out the candles on her cake. I'm thinking of you and sending you strength to get through this week and this wait. I know you know it will all be worth it in the end but I also know (being there myself) doesn't make it better now - LOL :)
Sending tons of hugs

Megan said...

ok now you are making me cry with the birthday cupcakes for Lucy! Let this be the last time she will ever miss any cupcakes!