Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

While we're a day away here in the US, it's 7 a.m. tomorrow in Taiwan and Lucy is probably waking up to her very first birthday. I hope they're making a fuss over her. This morning, photos dated January 22 arrived in my email inbox. Look at her! I find myself studying her face and trying to read what she's feeling. It's so funny how her little nose looks just like her big brothers'.

Stay tuned tomorrow... I'll share photos of our guest of honor-less birthday celebration and a special post for our daughter.


RP Mom said...

xoxo Ryan and Paige

The family of six said...

Happy Birthday sweet sweet girl. She is too precious for words. Jackie I know you'll be feeling the wait tomorrow - HUGS -it can't be long now. We got pictures today also - come and see!

Megan said...

Happy Birthday Lucy, she is so sweet. And soooo much prettier and happy in person. I don;t know why they can't take decent photos of the kids. Even these pics are beautiful. My heart aches I could not bring her home to you with us. Sending you good thoughts for fast courts.

Our Family said...

These are the photos that Jessica took while Samantha, Sierra and I stood talking to Lucy. She took them after my 10th request to let me take just one photo! Megan's right - Lucy's even more beautiful in person and she is also happier than she looks. She was smiling and laughing before and after! The woman holding her is a volunteer. She nearly cried when she said goodbye to Samantha - she clearly loves these babies! Lori