Thursday, January 31, 2008

Birthday Update

Lucy's birthday has gotten off to a great start...
She received her first (and beautiful) letter ever from Grandma and Papa, her first e-card from friends Ryan and Paige (and their sweet Mommy),and an email from pals Marcus and Juliana (and their thoughtful Mommy). I'm overwhelmed at how supportive everyone has been.
I want to write it all down so Lucy can see how much she was missed on this special day.

And thanks to all for the wonderful comments! I will share them all with our little girl when she finally comes home.

Some things a Mom does on her daughter's first birthday when she's a world away...
•send a chain email to 20 unsuspecting victims, all in the name of "good luck"
•eat cookies and cream ice cream directly from the carton

stay tuned...

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