Sunday, October 28, 2007

Go Shoes!

For the past several days, as we've watched our team duke it out in the World Series, our 2-year-old has been walking around the house saying "Go Shoes!". Jeff and I have laughed and looked at each other like "shoes? huh?" - whatever.

Last night it finally hit us.

What do you put on before shoes? Yup, socks. That is where his little head goes! Go Red Sox becomes Go Shoes.



Poor Lucy has no idea what she's in for coming into our family. My side of the family lives in Red Sox nation. She'll be learning that culture as much as we'll be learning hers.

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Rebecca Lily said...

Oh, that Sox outfit is seriously the cutest!! Did you buy that for Lucy?? And, TOO CUTE on your son calling them the "Shoes!" That is pretty darn clever for a 2-year-old!!!

I like the new blog header. :) Is that the plum blossom set??? I'm so excited that you found it!!! You'll have to post a pic of the finished nursery sometime!!