Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Call Me!

Good news... we got a call yesterday from our agency. Bad news... no word on when we'll be entered into the court yet. Wah.

But we did get some Lucy updates. Our 9-month-old (tomorrow) weighs in at 13.28 lbs and is 25.59 in long. She's so tiny it worries us. But they also said she's eating rice cereal, oatmeal, mashed fruits/veggies and eggs. Nice to see she's getting her fruits and veggies and doesn't seem to have the egg allergy her brother does. Is it possible someone in this household other than myself won't be a picky eater?

Judy sent some more photos from her third and final day with the babies. Unfortunately, she and Steve weren't able to bring Eric home yet. We continue to pray for them. Just let them bring their baby home!

She got some cute photos of the SLC girls. Lucy's got great friends in Samantha and Sophia. Aren't they little sweeties? Sophia will be home in just a few weeks with Samantha to hopefully follow soon after.


Rebecca Lily said...

Oh, we're praying for this court thing to move quickly Jackie!!!

Lucy is so photogenic. Every picture is just beautiful!! Fun to see her with Samantha & Sophia!!!


Judy said...

Jackie- your package did arrive at SLC. Spring peach told me that she received a disposable camera in the package and she will be taking pictures. We got ours back from her.


Andrea M said...

Don't worry, my 17 month old from Chung Yi is only 17 lbs., 16lbs at pick-up two months ago. She'll grow when she gets some good American food in her and love from her mommy!