Sunday, October 21, 2007

Getting Closer...

So the mystery paperwork that's been holding us up should arrive back at our agency Tuesday (at the latest). That means our dossier should be sent to Taiwan on Tuesday or Wednesday. After it arrives at SLC, a representative will take it to the court and it will get logged in. At that point, we'll wait some more. Some people get a hearing date and others just wait until they hear a ruling has been made. I've been combing the Taiwan adoption blogs peeking at everyone's timelines in hopes to get a little insight into how long we'll have to wait. Some parents were through the court in six weeks and traveled three months after referral! Others are six months post-referral and still waiting to travel. (I would love to hear how long it took others to get logged into court from when the dossier was sent out from the agency as well as any court timelines - so comment now!)

That would mean somewhere between Christmas and the beginning of Spring. My vote is right after Christmas. Do prayers count if they're in type?

On a happy note, our friends Judy and Steve are in Taiwan RIGHT NOW and will be meeting Baby Eric within 24 hours. Delay after delay has kept this moment from happening sooner... (can you believe a typhoon was the cause of one courtdate cancellation?) but it's finally come. And through it all, Judy has still kept the rest of us in her thoughts! She was so sweet and while shopping in Taipei, she found jade charms for all the babies in our SLC07 group. She also said when she gets to the nursery to see Eric, she'll give Lucy extra love. Thank you, Judy!


Tish said... sorry to hear about the delays! we had our hearing june 2, 1st ruling july 11, and traveled aug 11-16. we had accepted our referral in late april and had all of our paperwork to our agency in may to send to taiwan. not sure if this info helps at all when the only thing that will really help is notification thatit is time for you to go get your baby!

thanks for the comment about the camera...mine is like yours and i think that is why it is often so slow. by the time you ht the button twice, the baby has crawled away into the other room!


Rebecca Lily said...

Jackie, that is so great that you have friends at SLC who can bring some love to Lucy while you all wait on this (somewhat maddening) court process! Do Judy & Steve have a blog?? I am so excited for them!!

I vote right after Christmas too! My prayers will definitely be for SOON. Glad to hear that the dossier will be on its way this week - that has to be a great feeling.


Anonymous said...

We got our referral on Feb 28, paperwork went to Taiwan in April(had to wait on the I171H); it was logged into the courts pretty quickly but first ruling was August 28th, final ruling Sept. 14th, gotcha day Oct. 18th (all 2006)

Lucy is adorable! Wishing you a speedy process through the courts.

Go Red Sox.