Monday, October 15, 2007

Losing Patience...

This is the post where I'm supposed to be sharing all the fantastic information we collected at the agency's "Attachment and Bonding" class over the weekend.

We never got there.

Due to that horrific tunnel crash and fire, we were pretty much trapped from leaving our general area all weekend. The freeway was closed until this morning. It was so bad that it took Jeff 5 hours to drive home (30 miles) from work Friday night. But he got home safe (albeit exhausted) and, for that, I am grateful.

If you're wondering where we are in the adoption process... I was convinced we would hear today that our dossier (the ultimate in adoption files) was heading to Taiwan tomorrow. Nope.

The call we DID get was that one of the seventeen pages that needed to be done now has to be RE-DONE. What does that mean? It means that the agency won't get it back until the middle of NEXT week. In this very moment, it feels like a crushing blow. As difficult as it was to wait for our referral, knowing there's a baby waiting to meet her family and one piece of paper is slowing that down is enough to make a girl break down.

The delay is minor in the grand scheme of things. But really, we just want our baby girl home. Is that too much to ask?

P.S. In case you weren't aware, we had decided when we began this process that we would be the one family with absolutely no setbacks and we would be traveling to Taiwan in record time. In fact, I think the plan was that we'd break all records in how quickly we got our daughter. Guess life had other plans.


Rebecca Lily said...

Hey, we are that "one family who will have absolutely no setbacks" too!!! :) I suppose there is no such thing...

So frustrating on the class not happening, and now the dossier hold-up!! Hang in there... your baby girl IS coming home! Let's just pray that there's no more of these delays and that everything from here on out is setback-free. :)

Hugs, Rebecca

The family of six said...

Me too! I'm not going to have any set backs either! Haha! Sorry that this happened. I know I will be just as anxious to get the baby after our referral. I'm already dreading that part!

Tiffany said...

Hang in there!!! This is one c-r-a-z-y! ride :) it's okay to be mad. My husband always says "you just want someone to be mad at and I just happen to be in your way" I'm like yah...move! LOL. Ahhh and then next week you'll have you dossier on it's way and life will be good again :) Vent away it's the only thing that got me through this and well...retail therapy...
thinking of you -

Judy said...

You are not alone on this. we also thought we will be "superfast", but as you know, we are here and things are happening. so don't worry. things will happen in good time.

sorry to hear about the traffic. we actually brought something for you but will do the next time we see you.

if we get to go to the nursery, will give Lucy extra lovings for you.


Chairman Mom said...

Yep. Right there with you. I BLAZED through the dossier and little girl yet. Waaaaaah!!

Okay, wait. I'm not supposed to be whining. I'm supposed to be consoling! :-) heheh

Anyway, you are SO not alone. We're all there with you.