Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Open Thread: What's On Your Mind?

This week is filled with nursing colds/fevers, prepping for someone's birthday and working on some big surprises for TSW readers. Besides, sometimes I'm tired of hearing from me.

What's on your mind? Let's hear it in the comments!


Jeff MacDougall said...

I keep thinking about whether or not we (my wife and I) should angle for solid corporate jobs (keep our nice home, security and consistency for the kids, save for retirement, etc.), or do we downsize? (sell the house and rent, perhaps even moving to a less expensive area to live) and put all our efforts into following our dreams with the hope that we can build sustainable careers. There are many pros and cons to both.

If you were faced with the same decision (assuming you aren't already) What would you do?

Maggie said...

I say downsize and follow your dreams! I'd rather be broke and do something I love and have more time with my family than have money and do something I hate.

That's exactly what I'm moving towards doing now. Although, my husband's job that he hates covers the necessaries (and nothing more). The plan is for him to support us now, until my dream job is paying the bills, and then he'll quit and follow his passion as well.

At least I feel we are working toward our ideal life, even if we are poor while doing it. We might be doing better with corporate jobs, but we won't be able to work toward what we really want our life to be.

kim said...

With the loom and doom of the impending RAPTURE on Saturday May 21, 2011 ... I wonder how many people are actually taking precautions in preparation, but are afraid to admit it.

Is that you? Did you send any "I love you man" emails? Did you purchase any emergency supplies? Did you splurge on lottery tickets, JUST IN CASE?? Are you scouring the internet for details but scoff when your colleagues bring it up?