Friday, April 29, 2011

TUNE IN: Jackie Talks "The Talk"

Unlike my false Today Show alarm (apparently the trashy doll segment never aired), I am said to be appearing on today's episode of The Talk (CBS, 2pm ET / 1pm CT/PT).

My relationship with The Talk began a few months back when I was invited -- along with several other southern California bloggers -- to attend a taping and luncheon with the hosts. Given my pre-kid experience working on talk shows (including Sharon Osborne's show back in 2003/2004), I was excited to merge my two professional worlds -- daytime TV and 'mom' blogging.

It was a fantastic experience. The show had a great energy, the hosts were engaging and the episode was just one example of the difference they're trying to make, in addition to entertaining viewers. But it was after the show that made The Talk stand out. Every one of the hosts was genuinely interested in hearing what we thought of the show and how we thought it could be improved. It was refreshing to be around personalities who understand that without viewers, the show cannot succeed. (Keep reading)

Leah Remini was exactly what you'd expect, funny, outspoken and really friendly. Julie Chen was gracious, kind and hungry for information that would make their show even better for those at home. Sara Gilbert is as charming as she is shy, a quick, smart woman with a lot going on (I would love to hear more from her)... Holly Robinson Peete is a force to be reckoned with, you can see how much she kicks butt even when she's being light and fun. And Mrs. O -- well she's as sassy as you would think and so gracious (at least acting like she remembered me after all these years). 

Today, my relationship with The Talk continues. In commemorating Autism Awareness month, the show is featuring bloggers they follow who are affected by autism during their Follow Friday segment -- including me! If you're on Twitter, you can follow me HERE.

Thanks to The Talk for not only recognizing The Silver Whining and supporting what voice I have in the world of blogging, but for all they do in helping to shed light on Autism, not only building awareness, but understanding. Because not only will that understanding help to create empathy and compassion in others, it could serve as a key component in helping all of our children build strong, healthy, respectful relationships that will shape and improve the lives of us all.


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