Friday, April 29, 2011

Big News and a Shout Out!

Welcome to The Silver Whining! I'm loving all of the new readers over the past several weeks and grateful for so many of you who've been here all along. What started as an adoption blog in 2007, TSW has taken some twists and turns in search of its voice. While some may call me a 'mommy blogger' (a title that makes me cringe just a little every time I hear it), my opinions can't be contained to parenting so why should this blog be?

Check out my In the Media page to hear my relationship debate with Ryan Seacrest and talk sex vs. sleep with Teri Hatcher. 

In the coming weeks, TSW will be undergoing a makeover! (I'll pause so you can express your excitement with a big WOO HOO!) The site will become a more easily-navigated destination with topics ranging from news, pop culture, parenting, special needs (including autism), adoption, relationships, reviews and more. (Psst... now's the perfect time to get some great advertising rates.)

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In addition, I've been working hard on a video magazine (name TBD) where I connect real people and their questions/issues with experts who will rock their world. Therapist Stacy Kaiser, OB/Gyn Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz, Stylist Stacy Herb, Emmy-Winning Makeup Artist, Jan Ping and Waxing expert Jan Marie are just some of the gurus working with several of my favorite peeps -- Yvonne from Joy Unexpected, Lena from The Cheeky Lotus, author/advocate Kim Goldman, the talented Renee Bowen and her hilarious and equally-talented husband Andrew Bowen, Andrea Levin of Bedtimes are for Suckers, Jennifer Brandt of Perfectly Disheveled and so many more.

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Oh and did I mention that I'm also working on the soon-to-be launched Broadscast, a podcast hosted by writer/advocate (and dear friend) Kim Goldman and myself. Broadscast is an irreverent look at the world and the note-worthy people who make their mark on it. With topics as broad as our butts (well, at least mine), the show promises to be strong enough for a man, but made for a broad.

And in my spare time, I'm writing for other sites (and hopefully soon, a magazine or two), some TV clients and also doing some Web consulting, as well as writing my very first book. Who needs to sleep, right?

Thanks for coming along for the ride! As always, comments, ideas and suggestions are more than welcome! Now, tell me about YOU!


The Family K. said...

Busy lady! Wherever your endeavors take you, I know the quality of writing is going to be top-notch.

Carolyn Todd said...

Broadscast? LOL!!!