Friday, March 25, 2011

New Study Uses Photo to Determine Details of Family

• Have you ever had trouble determining the age of a child? Or even the child's mother?

• Wondered if they had siblings but saw no one else around?

• Are you often confused about how to tell if a woman works in the home or outside the home?

A new study has discovered a groundbreaking new way to answer these questions and more, in just seconds, without the need for documentation or even awkward conversation.

See the shocking photo that uncovers the number and ages of siblings -- in just a snapshot!


Researchers say they've discovered a link between the state of a woman's toenails and the dynamic of her family.

Exhibit A:

• The trace of polish shows this is a woman who has clearly not given up entirely -- yet.
• The color of the polish seems to be consistent with a woman who perhaps has younger children and a youthful personality.
• The toenails look they've been cut by an amateur sometime since the last pedicure.
• However, the growth of the nails suggests it's been that long since the amateur cutting.
• The absence of lint or other foreign objects suggest that she has been cleaned in the recent past, yet there's no evidence how often that actually happens.
• The body foot language is proof that the woman is not proud of her appearance, maybe even working on pushing guilt aside to address the toes in question within the next 24 hours.

Based on all of this, researchers have ascertained that the woman is about to turn 40, married and has three small children -- 6, 5 and 4.

What do your toenails say about you?

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Kelly L said...

My toes are not talking... and are hidden from view.. lol

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