Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Awakening

Picture this: You've had a long day with the kids, filled with kindergarten, a makeup swimming lesson, a two-hour meeting developmental meeting, more swimming lessons and then the rush home for dinner.

T-ball starts at 6PM and you've scrambled to get everything done and the kids fed and ready. At 5:50, you start to wrangle them and this is what you find...

And this...

What do you do? Do you peel one off the couch and the other out of bed and get them to practice, hoping they'll get the slightest pep in their step, lasting long enough to participate? Or do you give them a break and let them rest after a long day?

If you asked me a year ago, I'd have a completely different answer than today. I'll share later what I ended up doing but first tell me, what would YOU do?