Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mom and Pop (corn)

We're spending a quiet morning discussing our day's plans when the idea of seeing How to Tame Your Dragon was tossed on the table.

"Ok, I'll grab some drinks and pop up a couple of bags of popcorn for it."

Wait, what?

It's no surprise that I expect the kids to finish what's on their plate, will save shopping bags even when I'll never use them again and I refuse to throw away toothpaste until "it's scientifically impossible to get the last drop out," according to Jeff. It's not shocking. Those are all typical products of being from a large family. But I remember as a kid being so bummed out that we couldn't order drinks from McDonald's because we "had them at home" and would leave the park at Disney World to shovel PB & J in our faces and not spend the ridiculous amount of money on the dried-up, over-priced Disney eats. I remember telling myself I wouldn't deny my kids that yummy goodness when I became a mom. But here I am, smuggling granola bars in my pocket in order to save cash and calories.

Am I stripping my kids of the best part of the movies by bringing our own snacks? Or am I a money-conscious, savvy mom who knows where to cut corners in order to still allow my kids to even go to the movies during tough economic times?

Do you ever surprise yourself by parenting like your own parents?