Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just One More Reason To Avoid Walmart

Have I ever shared my disgust for all things Walmart? I'll admit it began when I walked up and down the aisles reading things like "cheese graders" and "irragation" on the printed signs (true story). My disdain continued the day a checker called my son a "little chunker." (I'm of the belief that you don't comment on a stranger's weight, regardless of age.)

But really, the reason I avoid that place is because each and every time I have made the mistake of going there, I've either walked out, abandoning my full cart, or deeply regretted my decision to get out of the car. It's all about the bad service, products -- or both (remember the tire incident of 2009?) Walmart joined and remains on the list of businesses I refuse to deal with, right up there with American Airlines, Chase Bank, and -- as soon as I can get the iPhone through another carrier and drop them like they drop all my calls -- AT&T.

But enough of my whining...
what happened at a Walmart in Arizona makes my stomach turn. When a family brought photos of their little ones in the tub to be developed, one overzealous employee reported them to police for child pornography. THEY CALLED THE POLICE ON THEM. What happened to the parents? They lost their kids FOR A MONTH (this is where you try to even fathom losing your kids for a month), mom was suspended from her job for an entire year, and both parents were registered as sex offenders. SEX OFFENDERS. Even the judge thought the photos were harmless, yet the lives of this family has been altered irrevocably.

While I would hope that I wouldn't bring pics like that to Walmart, mostly to keep them out of the creepy hands of the employees there, I think we all could gasp in unison thinking about what other innocent acts could get us in a heap of trouble. Not that we would ever admit to taking a photo of a baby tush or adorable rolls of chunkiness now. Their case has instilled a whole new fear in parents.

To see the other side, I can only imagine that clerk thought he was doing the right thing, protecting children. But some people don't think. And others then have to suffer for a lifetime because of it.

What do you think of the case? Will this keep you from taking innocent kid pics or are you against that in the first place?