Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Scary View

When we bought our house, there were a few key factors that made us take the plunge. One thing I loved, in addition to our tucked-away place on the cul de sac and good elementary school, was the view of the hills from the back of our house. There's nothing like lying in bed, seeing the lights outside our window and feeling the cool breeze blow the curtains around.

Today, while it was breezy, it also was 104 degrees. And outside our window? A fire that's spread to over 20,000 acres, forcing 4,000 homes to be evacuated and power lost. While we're at quite a distance and safe, at least from flames, we have friends in that area and are sending good thoughts that they, and everyone affected, are safe and don't suffer any loss.

All three of our kids are suffering from symptoms (possibly due to smoke) today -- asthma, allergies, coughing, vomiting -- so we've locked down the house and remained inside. It's created all sorts of discussions between Jeff and me -- is this the best place to live with two asthma sufferers? Should we move to a place with cleaner air? But with hurricanes and strong winds threatening back east, is there really a safe place to bring up your kids?

Are you living in the best place for your family? Tell me.