Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Looks Like Someone Needs "The Talk"

Hey, have you heard? The Duggars are expecting number 19! Don't know who they are? They're just another family who likes to exploit their kids on national TV (you know, kind of like blogging but on a larger scale).

The Duggars have been under fire probably through the last dozen pregnancies. Everyone has an opinion on how many kids one should be able to carry, how you're parenting, etc. But it wasn't until this pregnancy that I thought WHAT. ARE. YOU. DOING?

As you know, I'm from a large family -- 13 total kids. So I see no problem with popping them out, if you can parent them and afford them. No judgment here. But when I read this story and quote from Mama Duggars, I could no longer sit here quietly.

(Wait, that's not the Duggars, that's MY family!)

CNN reports, when she couldn't lose weight on her diet, she became suspicious.

Ya think?

"I was in Weight Watchers with Jim Bob and I wasn't losing any weight," she says. "I couldn't figure it out. I was doing what I should. And the baby, who was nursing, was fussy. I kept thinking, 'This isn't right. She isn't teething, she doesn't have an ear infection. I'm not cheating on my diet, I should be losing weight.' Then, I put two and two together and wondered if I could possibly be pregnant."

Listen. You've been pregnant 18 times before -- EIGHTEEN -- and you couldn't figure out what was happening with your body? Seriously?

I think it's my duty to then share with you, Mrs. Duggars... you know all that cuddling that you and Jim Bob do at night (although where DO you find the time)? Yeah, that's causing those babies. Just in case you didn't know.