Monday, July 20, 2009

Keep It Simple, Stupid

K-I-S-S -- a term my college communications professor used ad nauseam. While he was applying it to advertising, as I grow a little older -- gaining a little more experience personally and professionally -- it makes more and more sense in all aspects of life. It's the simple things that make an impact, like an unexpected kind word or one of those days that on the outside seem nothing special but can actually turn out to be of the most memorable.

My pal Ramona wrote about this very thing over the weekend. Enjoying a day in the pool with the kids can be simply blissful, proof that the kids don't need fancy toys or expensive adventures. We, as parents, jump through hoops to provide constant stimulation or spend the day trying to get our own stuff done that oftentimes we miss it. And that's just sad.

My water babies, July 4th.

With Jeff off working all weekend, we took to beating the heat with a little pool time and a trip to Target. I normally avoid taking all three to the Mecca for bargain enthusiasts because I end up turning into Sergeant Mom.

"Come over here, Jacob. Don't wander off!"
"Brady, don't crash the cart into old ladies!"
"Lucy, sit DOWN!"

But we were feeling a little stir crazy so I took my chances. I'm a little surprised to report... we had a great time. The kids were happy to be out and I promised a trip to the toy aisle, with countless reminders we were just looking and not buying. With Jake in the main cart (I'm tiiiiiired), Lucy in the seat and Brady as my helper, we pushed through the store talking and giggling as my Bubbakins serenaded us with his rendition of "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" (thanks to Chicken Little). Note to self: get that on video.

Who knew? We didn't have to hit a museum, amusement park or that gem of a place my friend calls "Chuck E. Disease;" the adventure was right in our own neighborhood -- at Target! While it wasn't exactly a cheap outing, at least we had fun, I got to check something off my never-ending to-do list and we did have paper towels and dog food to show for it.