Friday, May 8, 2009

Stupid Parents

Another Baby Item Lucy Deems Useless.


Ramona said...

You've gotta admit, she's a pretty darned amazing climber considering the gate probably come to her eyeballs. WOW. I see a world class athlete in your future.

Sarah said...

Oh my. Wow. Seriously, as soon anyone would take her for gymnastics... she needs enrolled in a gymnastics class. I'm seeing all sorts of energy burnt off for mom and dad by running, jumping, climbing, swinging from bars, etc. Gotta put her natural monkey skills into something constructive.

Shirley H. said...

lucy is so wild~ haha~ i mean adventurous! one future gymnastic! happy mother's day~

Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

She has monkey feet... forget opposable thumbs... monkey feet work best. Oh how darling is this all caught in the act. That happens a alot to your monkeys... you need to swing by my house for a while. ;0) Sara.sofa

momwithfaithandhope said...

LOVE the NEW LOOK!!!! Did you do this all on you own?? I just love all the family photos. And who's muddy feet are those? Some cute tootsies.

Miss Lucy, is there anything you can't climb out of? Silly, silly girl. What tricks will you show us next??? You have some serious skills.

Happy Mother's Day Jackie!!

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

LOL I LOVE IT! Though I am sure you don't! LUCKILY Noah has NOT started THAT kind of climbing, though he is just now climbing in the living room chairs, the couch, my bed (that is the highest thing so far! No scaling gates here. Wow :) she is talented! :) and adorable but should we be surprised? MOST of us have a picture of our babies with Miss Lucy in the crib with them when she climbed in herself! :) way back then :) I just saw mine with Noah the other day when it came up on my scrolling photo screensaver :)

Blessings and Hugs,
Mama to Celeste, Noah and Jeremiah