Monday, February 16, 2009

My Life As a Film Critic

Jeff and I saw a movie tonight. Like, a movie where people had actual dialog with each other about things other than sharing and embracing your quirky differences.
He's Just Not That Into You was the date movie of choice. We thought it only fair that we provide a review for other parents like ourselves who may not have the luxury of movies more than once in a blue moon.

Jeff: I recall vividly noticing a moment where I could hear the dialog clearly without any whining drowning out the sound. This happened not once, but several times. Oh, also there was some swearing and it wasn't me (under my breath) at the kids. I give it four Mickey Mouse stickers and a Donald Duck.

Jackie: I held my husband's hand and it wasn't sticky or filled with Matchbox cars, I enjoyed a beverage without having it dumped all over me, the actors weren't animated or obligated to teach me a lesson and -- the best part -- I didn't even go anywhere near a bathroom, never mind wipe someone else's butt. Give this movie an Oscar already!


Unknown said...

Too funny. We never go to the movies. First it has to be played in english (which quite a few do get played in english here, like my beloved Harry Potters :) ) and then we have to find a sitter. There we've fallen into a black hole with no end in sight!

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

LOL this is too funny to me! The reason is Celeste, Noah and I are leaving tomorow on a trip to Atlanta and we will be staying in a hotel part way there and we are going to the movie in that town. We have already checked out the movie choices as going to a movie is a RARE gift for us as well and THAT is the movie we are going to! But I will have Noah with me! Praying he will be sleeping in stroller but you never know! heehee
hugs friend
Noah's mama

Bobbie said...

Oh my this post was so funny! and so true!

Anonymous said...

to funny. my husband said to me last night..."hey, you want to go to the movies saturday?" and i actually had to say, "you mean just you and me, NO kids???? seriously?"

Anonymous said...

Mr. Clairol and I count our nightly walks as "dates" because we can actually carry on a (huffing anf puffing) conversation.