Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some People Never Learn

When you expose your thoughts, fears, and funny moments to those you love, as well as those you've never met, on a blog several times a week, it can get a bit... shall we say, uncomfortable? ... at times. But hey, why would that stop me from sharing 25 RANDOM FACTS -- a game going around Facebook that I got sucked into.

I had to spend a few minutes thinking back through the years to dig up some of these gems. Just be glad it's not 50 or you'd get some really interesting stuff!

Here goes:

1. I am one of 13 kids, have 28 nieces and nephews, and will soon be a "great aunt."

2. I worked one year from 1:30am to 9:30 am and gained 25 pounds -- fortunately mostly gone now.

3. I make a living as a writer but sometimes fear it will be discovered I'm lousy at it.

4. The open to Gayle King's show on XM where Oprah talks about her makes me very, very ANGRY. She opens her best friend's show talking all about herself...it's quite condescending.

5. I refuse to read The Giving Tree to my kids anymore -- that man was never satisfied and took advantage of that selfless tree and deserves to be old and unhappy.

6. My childhood dream was to become a children's author and it's never gone away.

7. My BFF Karen and I drove overnight from Boston to NY to get into David Letterman's first show on CBS. We never got in but ended up appearing on the show when he came outside with Bill Murray.

8. My daughter hasn't met my Dad and it makes me sad every single day.

9. I love Barry Manilow and had an out-of-body experience meeting him in 1996, although my sis-in-law insists I played it cool.

10. I think my son Jacob is going to invent something very, very important to society.

11. I think my son Brady will master the keg stand in college, charm his way into and out of anything, and still do well in school.

12. Many agree that my daughter is the most like me out of my three kids and the only one I didn't give birth to.

13. I love cereal and could totally eat it three meals a day if I had to.

14. I want to scream at teenagers and tell them life gets SO much better.

15. I stepped in dog poop outside the church on my wedding day -- an actually laughed about it.

16. I think there's no reason I can't have my own radio show in the next three years.

17. My first concert was the Monkees 25th reunion show with my sisters ranging 22 years.

18. My father always encouraged me to go into teaching -- and now I understand why.

19. When I am feeling most shy and uncomfortable, I act the most friendly just to cut the awkwardness.

20. I crave organization -- wishing I could have everything in order all the time but always seem to fall short.

21. I haven't balanced my check book in years and have no intention of ever starting.

22. I drive a minivan and hate it and dream of the day my kids are out of car seats.

23. I think that my husband looks better now than any and every guy I was ever attracted to years ago. Got to love a guy who peaks late.

24. I used to see life as all I didn't have but now see it for all I have. I think happiness is a choice.

25. I love, love, love my iPhone but wish it wouldn't stop dropping all my freaking calls.

Go ahead and try this little exercise -- it's fun! Post it on your own blog or here in the comments. Come on, don't make me the only dork to actually do this!


momwithfaithandhope said...

You are so talented, and a born writer. I have no idea if I can come up with 25 random things worth reading, but hey, I love ya, so I'll give it a try. Did you really step in poop on your wedding day?! And yes, I'd second your comment on Brady! Let us know when you've got that first children's book published, and your radio show going! We'll be in line for an autographed copy of the book, and will be calling in to "comment" live with Jacie Mac!

Ramona said...

Can't get over the dookie on your wedding day. That'd be a great Napcast opener. The Monkees???? I am SO jealous!! And the iPhone - no comment. BTW - you're a fantastic writer!

Amanda said...

I did this on Facebook as well - definitely going to use it as a blog post! Thanks for sharing!