Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Martyrs and Fathers

Napcast: Episode Two is here! Every Wednesday, we'll be sharing our thoughts on parenting, relationships, kids, life and anything and everything that comes to mind during the week.

Today's episode is packed full of questions/thoughts on:
• New Year's resolutions
• "Me" Time
• Balance
• Mom guilt
• Judging others
• Double standards

We welcome questions, comments -- both positive and not-so-much -- thoughts, and requests to be interviewed. If you've got an expertise, background, or really any strong opinions on anything that gets people talking, let us know. We would love to hear from you!

Napcast is the fourth baby of Jeff and Jackie and is the only podcast produced in its entirety during the naps of our children.


Sally said...

Hi Jackie & Jeff-
I just listened to your napcast.
love the name by the way & love the idea. You2 so creative.
I'm glad it'll be a weekly thang.
I'm having trouble making sentences right now as i need some sleep but wanted to at least pop in and say hi.
I think the daily resolution thing is great idea...and of course we too struggle wiith finding the balance...esp. since i stay at home during the day with the wee ones & we're a homeschooling family as well. By the time hubby is home from work to join in the fun & work, i'm lucky to get a shower in b4 the evening is through.
I am notorious for not taking time for myself but am trying to change that - you know, now that youngin sleeps better and i'm not dragging myself around so much! Afterall it is a new year. Okay, my brain has drifted off and i'm ready for that thing called sleep.
Thanks for the listen and
keep on truckin.

Ramona said...
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