Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just for Laughs... a Sixey Post

The cool thing about technology is that I can see how people get to my blog. For example, I know that some arrive via other blogs -- whether they post about us or have Taiwan On in their blogroll. I also get visitors via Facebook or Twitter.

But very often I get people who google and find T-O by chance. Some are looking for "Taiwan adoption" and find us... some happen to google something I have written about. But most of the googlers find this past post. The post was titled "Bringing Sixey Back" and written when we hit six months waiting for Lucy. Yes, a silly name for a post and a play on the similarly named -- yet much more risque -- song. What I didn't realize when I chose that title is that almost daily, people from around the world -- for whom English isn't their first language -- look for a certain kind of girl online -- spelling it "sixey" instead. They soon find themselves on a blog about an American family. Funny for us... bummer for them.

Now that's sixey.


Lynn said...


momwithfaithandhope said...

Too funny!

Sarah said...

I love looking for the google searches that lead people to my blog as well. One of my favorite searches was, "Do Chinese children poop in stores?" WHAT?!?!?!

Kevin said...

Google analytics is fun. We've gotten many a hit (on our blog about adopting from Taiwan) from folks searching for "Sandra Dee costumes", "simmered chicken legs" and (my favorite), the "what is in the sock game". Most have been about the chicken legs.


PS. Found your blog via a Facebook posting about the NapCast

Anonymous said...

I got a hit the other day from someone searching for nude children....can you say EWWW! not fun! it was a pic of Ro with a nude-colored tank top of mine on - thank God I listened to his Dad and cropped the pic to just show him from the waist up! I was totally sick to my stomach thinking of what idiot looked at my baby's pic in a lewd way! Yuk! People are just ill sometimes!! lol