Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fill in the Blanks...

I went out for dinner with the girls last night. It was so nice and we all had a great time. When I got home, I pulled off my boots and had chatted for a few minutes with Jeff.

When I picked up my boots to head upstairs, I noticed that they were not the same, each belonging to a different pair. WHAT?!? Did I really spend the whole night wearing two completely different boots?

What does that say about me?

• I'm so tired from all the excitement of the holidays that I didn't notice.
• I'm fashion forward.
• I have too many pairs of boots that I could confuse them.
• I should stop having whiskey for breakfast.

Tell me, have you ever done anything like that? Fess up!


CajunNan said...

I once went to work at a Fortune 50 company with one blue pump and one black one. Had to go buy new shoes as soon as the stores opened!

Anonymous said...

Went to (you guessed it!) Costco with a flip-flop on one foot and hubby's slip-on on other foot. I didn't even care which says I'm getting old. But doing it when you're all gussied up? Ooooh, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie.

Unknown said...

I haven't mismatched... yet. We do however wear 'indoor' shoes at home (very common in Germany) and I loved my flip flops so much I never even noticed I was still wearing them until I heard myself flip flop across my son's school foyer. Yep, the American mom who's kid only goes to this tony english speaking private school cause I'm not paying for it wore her house flip flops to school pick up. I looked kicking let me tell you surrounded by Ms Gucci and Ms Louboutin. Oh yes I did!
I've learned to say forget it and just be me! Bring on the reeboks!

Expecting Good Things said...

I think we've ALL been there. I know I have been. I wore my shirt inside out a whole day and no one said anything! Yep, tag sticking out and all! ugh! AND I was out and about all day too!
PS: I'd be honored if you posted our pickup info on your blog.

The family of six said...

I say answer "D" - haha!