Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Busy? What Do You Mean Busy?

It's been three months since Lucy arrived home -- the time has both flown and dragged. While Lucy has been adjusting more and more each day, along with her comfort level comes her ability to get into anything and everything. So if you're wondering what I've been doing for the past 90 days... here's a peak.

Someone needs a nap... and it's not her.


Tamara said...

Oh my,

Is that her precariously perched on the very edge of a train table??? Yikes! We have that same play kitchen and I have found both my boys standing up on it like that at one time or another - why would anyone climb up on it like that????? One of these days the whole thing is gonna crash down. Thankfully, Jia is still too short for that trick :)

Ramona said...

Snicker snicker. ;-) You have to admit - she's pretty agile!

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

Oh my gosh she is adorable! I am sure it is a fun challenge though! Noah has not started any of that kind of thing just yet! Celeste will have a fit when I show her the picture of lucy with the black tennis shoes. They look like Chucks! They are so poplular here! Celeste is dying for Noah to get a pair!

Tami ( your gotcha day buddy!)
Noah's mama

JackieMacD said...

Yes - I had to remove the train table immediately! It's still sitting in the garage.

Yes, it's all fun but man, she's keeping me running. (and pulling out my hair)

meow said...

i hear ya sister!!
whew. i'm tired/
mister frankie tru is Same Same Same!
mister climberboy!!
is it a SLC thang?????
ugh. give his mama a headache and heartatttack.

we taught him to say "May I?" a few months back, when he was about to climb, so at least we would have SOME warning.
sadly, the "Ay-i's" come way tooo late and we are constantly scrambling to pulll him down or off or toooo some safe landing.
I feel your pain.
It is exhausting.
i only have 2. you have 3.
NO Backs.

you're IT.

Maci Miller said...

Oh my she's adorable! And active! She's quite the climber, isn't she??

Lynn said...

Maybe a gymnast in your future? She's a funny girl!

Michelle said...

LOL!! This is hysterical! :)

Lori & Michael said...

That is so funny! Aaden loves to climb in the kitchen cabinet and drawers too. We have the same kid's kitchen but he hasn't tried that yet ;) Congats on 3 months home. Sounds like she is doing great.