Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jingle Bored?

How much do I love the boys' preschool that, even though they're a year apart, they stand them near each other for the school Christmas show. While some may feel disappointed that Brady didn't actually sing, if you look closely at his eyes ... you can see Jingle Bells is in there and dying to come out.

And let me tell you, he belted it out all the way home.


Tisra said...

"Bored"?! I don't see bored at all--- I see "overwhelmed"! All those lights flashing, cute kids around him, brother behind him, parents looking on, teachers urging smiles and lyrics... I think Brady's just in wonder. And, yes, I agree that his sweet little eyes ARE singing Jingle Bells! :-)

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

You have absolutely BEAUTIFUL children! And Brady is such a baby face! I LOVE IT! Even at 3 he is still so young! Actually they both look so young! They grow up so fast dont' they! But in the face you can still see those babies! :) I bet they are amazing big brother's to Lucy! :) Did she love the show? NOAH adores music so he would have been dancin!

Noah's mama

The Family K. said...

Awwww... both boys are precious.

I think this calls for a little more cowbell - ahem, jinglebell.

Ramona said...

Jacob is definitely the star of the show! And Brady - I think he's just amazed that ALL those people showed up just to see HIM!

JackieMacD said...

HAHA Judy K - more cowbell!

Expecting Good Things said...

THE CUTEST! Brady's face cracks me up! He's like "k, what's the big deal?"