Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Playing Tag... Are You In?

Miss Tiffanie, fabulous mother of two, tagged me. She must know how I've been sitting around wondering what to do with all my free time! Gosh, I'm just so booored with three kids 4-and-under.

Hmmm... seven random facts...

1. I have dreams of hosting my own radio show in this lifetime. The first step to that was doing an interview on espn radio for momlogic.com last Sunday (at 4:30 in the morning!)

2. I sometimes think I could benefit from anger management classes.

3. I hate bathroom humor -- farts and upset stomach jokes are a sure-fire way of making me leave the conversation and/or movie.

4. I often assume everyone else has their crap together and it's just me who doesn't. I imagine others' homes with clean closets, balanced checkbooks, and nutritional, steaming hot home-cooked meals being served at a regularly scheduled time.

5. For the first time ever, I truly and absolutely 100% feel like I have enough kids and one more would send me to the loony bin.

6. My maiden name was J.P. Morgan.

7. I love a good contest and or promotion so I've decided to let others who know me (no matter how much or little) comment below with a random fact about me. The winner will get a free coffee from Starbucks.

Since the usual cast of characters might stone me if I choose them to participate once again, I will branch out a little and choose some interesting blogs you may not have seen.

Daria at Boutique Cafe

Jen at Jen & Jeff's baby blog

Monica at Procrastination (just do it, don't procrastinate)

Kristine at Sailing On

Jeff at Jeff MacDougall

Kevin at Journey to Hannah Claire

Lora at Cole Connection

PS: If you used to be on my blogroll list and no longer see your name, it's because my new blog wiped them all out. So feel free to add to the comments if you want it back up there.

PPS: All prizes from former contests will be mailed this week so if you don't get it, please email me at jmomac@mac.com (Sarah, Yvonne and Christine)


momwithfaithandhope said...

I knew you needed just one more thing to do! But since you're so famous in blog land I had to tag you! We have to know more than just J and B's REAL names!

Let's see - random fact about Jackie. . .she works on the weekends so she can be the SUPER Mom that she is during the week to the THREE kids that are exactly the same number of days apart in age. Something like 16 months and 6 days??

And BTW, my closets aren't neat!
Thanks for being a good sport!
Signing off, "Miss Tiffanie" the culprit.

Room for More said...


I am w/ you on #3 & #4, but don't be too sure about #5! I thought the same thing when I had 3 all 2y apart and then came Elizabeth 7years later AND we are adopting!?! Well, maybe we are just crazy?? : )

Was I on your blog list? I don't remember? http://thisisouradoptionjourney.blogspot.com/ The soon to be revamped blog by the wonderfully talented Rebecca!!

Random fact...Didn't you answer Mickey Mouse fan mail as one of your 1st jobs??


Ramona said...

Right there with ya on 4 & 5! :-)

Maci Miller said...

Hmmm... well I don't know you that well, but let's see... I would guess that while you think others are 100% together and more organized than you, in fact you are one that is quite put together, extremely savvy on the net and handle difficult situations pretty well. Good guess? Oh, and my house is somewhat neat NOW, because I have no children yet. I'll get back to you when our girl is home! My closet almost always looks like a hurricane ran through it...because it did. ME. :-)

(jenandjeffsbabyblog) and hey, thanks for the mention!

Maci Miller said...

Am I supposed to do a tag on my site now? email me. macimiller@comcast.net

Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

Hey it's Daria from Boutique Cafe!
Jackie you are the wonderful-est! Thanks for the tag, I have posted my reply here on my personal blog:


Anonymous said...

The former JP Morgan is a FANILOW!