Monday, October 6, 2008


Jericho and Bud!

OK, not really. But this is where you learn the true identity of my little men. We've had lots of guesses -- Batman and Joker, BPeanut Butter and Jelly, Ben and Jerry, Jeb and Buster, Charlie (yes, Charlie) and Joren and Bjorn were quite creative -- but a few people actually hit the nail on the head with one or the other...

Votes for J:
Justin (1)
Jacob (4)
Jake (1)
John (1)
Jackson (1)
Josh (2)
Jayden (1)
Jason (2)
Jeff Jr. (1)
Jeremy (1)
Josiah (2)
James (1)

Votes for B:
Braeden (1)
Brandon (2)
Ben (3)
Brendan (2)
Bryce (3)
Brian/Bryan (2)
Billy (1)
Blake (1)
Brady (1))

Watch the video to hear their names.

PS: I have no idea why he mentions a cupcake at the end. It's not like I would EVER bribe my son with baked goods to perform on demand. Weird kid.

Considering Jacob's name was actually the most popular for a few years straight (guess we weren't so original), it's no surprise four people guessed it. Two people with completely different answers actually got B's name right -- one was what we call him (Brady) and the other (Shannon's guess) is his official name (Braeden) -- correct spelling and all.


Rebecca Lily said...

Oh that's the cutest!! He's a natural on camera. "Hello Taiwan On!" LOL! I love the boys' names. :)


Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

awww so sweet :)

Noah's Mama

momwithfaithandhope said...

Love his voice, and he takes after you! Natural on camera - well, at least when performing for a cupcake, right?! Love it. Tiff

Room for More said...

Precious! They are the most adorable little guys!


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAH love the cupcake comment. LOVE it.

Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

Look at him... searching your face like... "Was she really serious? Do I get a cupcake?!" Go Jacob Go! Hope you enjoyed the cupcake! You did give him the cupcake right? hehe