Sunday, October 5, 2008

Don't Adjust Your Computer

I swear you are not seeing double. Jaden, one of Lucy's first friends in Taiwan, and her family were in town and we were able to get the girls together for a reunion. Jaden and Lucy are three weeks apart, pretty much the same size, and were both born ten weeks early. We were amazed at how similar their personalities are too. And yes, we've wondered if they're related but pretty much figured out during our background comparison session that they're not. And Jaden's big brother Mikey was a hit with our boys.* Sarah and her family were supposed to join us but her brother was under the weather -- we'll see you soon for sure, Marina.

If we were expecting a slo-mo run, ending in the embrace of long-lost friends, we would've been severely disappointed. Lucy was like, "hey, I know you, right?" (push) and Jaden was like "hey, you look familiar and don't push me." They were cute and eventually warmed up but there definitely wasn't that big moment.

But how much do I love Jaden's family? Ramona is the coolest chick and hubby Mike is such a warm, caring dad who won my heart with the comment that he doesn't get anyone who can have small kids and a clean house. (I think he came up with that one when he got a glimpse of the family room carpet -- man, three kids get messy.)

We're lucky that we get to see them again soon -- next time in Northern California, along with Gracyn, Kimi and possibly another friend or two... can't wait!

*Speaking of our boys, keep those name guesses coming. We'll announce their official names tomorrow!


Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

awwww they are so cute! I am so jealous y'all are close enough for a get together :) HOW WONDERFUL!

big hugs
Noah's Mama

lorabelle said...

Okay, so Allie kind of looks like a mixture of these two gals and we already know she has some of the personality traits! It makes me wonder is there moms could have been related or something...I LOVE these pictures and wish so much that Sarah and Marina would have been able to join in on the fun. Of course I wish that Allie and I could have been there too, but that would have been pushing it just a bit! Will let you know if I get to head that way anytime soon.

The family of six said...

That's so great - I wish we were there too. Noah is better but still coughing and hoarse. Do you really think they remembered each other? Thats so interesting!

momwithfaithandhope said...

OOOHHHH, How sweet!!!! We can't wait to have you guys here. Kimi and Gracyn can be the "big sisters" to the little ones!! Great photos and thank you for posting so quickly!! I've been waiting for them. Hugs, Tiff

The Family K. said...

Boohoo... this is one of those times when I wished we lived in your state. The girls look great back together again.

Room for More said...

They are so adorable! What a great weekend!

Rebecca Lily said...

Cuteness!!! What fun!