Monday, October 13, 2008

Brush with Greatness


momwithfaithandhope said...

Can you PLEASE have your kids show Peyt AND Grace how to do this?! LOL

Tisra said...


The ads don't bother me, but I hate that the RSS for your blog is slow or not current (I'm a limited techie, so I don't know the term). All I know is that Bloglines never shows your updates and I miss it all until I manually check. Boo! :-( I *know*, the *horror* of having to manually check a blog! I'm ridiculous, but if there is any "fix" to that, I'd love to read your posts when they're current.

Thanks for the One Month post with Lucy. I think that it's just like bringing home our newborns in that all the preparation has little impact on the emotional state you arrive at when there is endless crying, little sleep, sore boobs, and adjustments to routine life- it's all beautiful and worth it but HARD. You are part of the recent trend of "honest" adoptive parents who REALLY are blessings to those of us who will [soon?] follow.

You will see sunny days and have beautiful, more "normal" family experiences. I know that, and believe for that, and pray for that, for you and that entire gorgeous family of yours! For now, take lots of pictures so that if it's all a blur, you at least have proof that it happened! :-)

Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

Now THAT is precious!!

lorabelle said...

A family that brushes together- smiles together! What more could you ask for?! Very cute picture. Allie screams at me when I take her tooth brush away. It's actually become a huge ordeal, but it's not like I can let her walk around with a tooth brush in her hand...She could fall and choke on it! She doesn't want to just sit and brush, she wants to "teeth" on it for hours on end...
Can't wait to see Jacobs newest video! Allie will be soooo excited tomorrow when she wakes up and I get to show it to her...LOL

Megan said...

You have to enter that in a contest! That is the best photo!

Anonymous said...

This photo is too adorable! :D Did you end up submitting it to the contest?

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P.S. I agree with Lora: "A family that brushes together- smiles together!"