Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Than Words

Every day is better than the last when it comes to Lucy's adjustment (and ours). Now, she's starting to communicate with us -- even without words. With a little bit of sign language and her own personal expressions ... we're figuring each other out just fine!


The Family K. said...

Awesome! She "articulates" very well with her hands. I know a lot of kids her age who sign "more." While their efforts are certainly admirable, it's hard to tell that they're not clapping. However, Lucy's got the finger curl & tap thing down well. How wonderful that she can communicate with you so early on. I think you have a budding genius!

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

Looks like Miss Lucy and Mr. Noah have the same high chair! or at least very similar. The tray is identical. Noah has one just like that with the top part that comes out. His has teddy bears on the seat. I LOVE LOVED this video :)

So sweet :)


Ramona said...

I keep hearing about using sign language, just haven't done it. Now that I see how well Lucy is doing with it, I think we might try it. Communicating with Jaden would make a whole lot of difference. Thanks for the video!

Stellan Bracelets said...

Awwwwwwwwww!! She is such a bundle of sweetness!! What a great video. Sounds like things are coming along great.

We use sign language with my 7 year old with selective mutism / CAPD / Asperger's, it has helped us tremendously on the days that she will cooperate!

Anonymous said...

So cute...I love sign language!!! I don't think Sophia and I would get along with it.

Lori & Michael said...

So cute! I'm glad to see the adjustment is going well. "More" was Aaden's first sign too and his speech is still very limited so sign language has been great for communication. She is adorable!


Room for More said...

Jackie, she is adorable. Her little fingers have that 'more' down. We're working on that. E only knows 'all done' and she uses it for everything--toys, her bath, certain foods as soon as she sees them! Isn't each moment a joy!Lucy loves her yogurt!!


Tamara said...

Hi Jackie,

My son Alex came home from Russia at 8 months old and at 1 he was communicating with sign language too. He learned "more" first also. More was also the first word he said. He used a lot of signs and nonverbals and was good at communicating that way for a while. He was 2 before he really started talking and then he just talked in sentences right away. We got a video called "Baby Babble" made by speech therapists that had a few signs in it and also helped him learn to articulate in english since he had only heard Russian. It worked good for him.

Anonymous said...

this is too freaking cute, jackie

momwithfaithandhope said...

Gracyn is doing great with sign language too! Lucy is so cute and hearing your laugh made me smile! Tiff

lorabelle said...

Hi Jackie,
We too used baby signing in the beginning with Allie. Now, she says "more" very clearly and doesn't use it too much. It is so cute to see Lucy really communicating with you. When Allie gets really hot headed and starts screaming at me that she wants more, I revert back to the sign and she remembers. Love the video and I'm so glad that this is working!
Oh, when I viewed this Allie was on my lap and got VERY excited. We watched it a couple of times and I really think she remembers Lucy. Do you by chance have your web cam set up? Maybe we could let the girls say "HI" sometime.
Us too!

Rebecca Lily said...

Grant used that same sign for "more"!!!

She looks like such a happy girl!