Friday, September 26, 2008

Let the Games Begin...

Hey, people say dumb stuff all the time, right?

But I have to share this little tidbit that happened this week.

Virtual stranger: Is it hard to adjust?
Me: It's SO much better now. At first, she only wanted my husband... it was so hard for her.
VS: Yeah, when I got a puppy I was like 'I'm not ready for this.'



Rebecca Lily said...


I couldn't help chuckling over that one. :)

Different worlds, I guess!!

lorabelle said...

Don't even try Jackie...
Some people are so weird!
It would have been great if you could have said something to really throw that person off, you know like; If things don't shape up soon, we're going to take an add out in the paper and see if we can find her a new home! Ya just gotta laugh at some peoples ignorance. One afternoon I had to run into the store and a man asked me where I found Allie at. I just happened to be quick witted that day and told him that they were selling them at Walmart in the far left hand corner of the store on the top shelf and walked away... I have to hope that at some point people wont say things in front of our children, bio or adopted. I have heard some really strange stories from other people though..

Steve n Coco said...

WOW. CLUE-less. That's all I can say.