Friday, August 1, 2008

Across the Milestones...

Lucy is 18 mos today. A year and a half. Halfway through her second year. I remember what life was like with the boys at that age. It kills me to not be with her. Please give her a little thought today... she needs and deserves to be celebrated.



Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

Celebrating Sweet Lucy with you! :) She is such a doll! :) I have been in love with her for months and ached with you as you wait for your girl! :) I just know you will have first decree anyday and with things speeding along maybe you will be in Taiwan when I am there getting Noah! Hey maybe things will move quickly for us both and we will be there at the same time as Tiff! :)

Big hugs as you celebrate your girl,
Noah's Mommy

momwithfaithandhope said...

Sending Lucy blessings on her 1 and a half birthday! Sending Lucy's mom lots of cyber hugs. Milestones are tough when you can't be there.

Milestones are never forgotten. Milestones make up who we are. The day you have Lucy at home, know that all of those milestones are in her and are a part of her. Celbrate her milestones as you would any other child. Make a note in her journal about her or write down your wishes for her. You will have a wonderful celebration of milestones when she comes home. . .and she will be home. . .very soon. I BELIEVE

Yvonne Crawford said...

I hope your judge speeds up and she is hope with you very soon.

Rebecca Lily said...

Thinking of you & little Miss Lucy today. Owen is about to celebrate 2-1/2 and I know exactly how you feel!!!


Our Family said...

Here's wishing Lucy had a great half year birthday and here's hoping that she's home very, very soon to celebrate every other milestone in her life with her family. We actually celebrate EVERY month with Samantha so maybe you could do the same!
I think of you and Lucy often, since I feel such a connection to Lucy. I have so many photos of Lucy and Samantha together and they are so close in age and we were fortunate enough to spend some time with Lucy when we picked up Samantha so I think of her daily. I know your wait has been unbelivably long but it is coming to an end and we will ALL celebrate with you when you finally bring your baby girl home!

Hugs, Lori

Steve n Coco said...

Happy Half birthday, Lucy! I agree, this would be a tough time to miss out on... it will be soon, very soon.

William's Family said...


Happy year and a half birthday! For your 1/2 birthday, I am sending up more prayers that you and your family will get some good news of a ruling - this week, even! We're all rooting for you!

Andrea said...

Mary's B-day is today! How blessed we are to have these beautiful summer babies!

Happy Birthday to Sweet Lucy!

Your sister looks like a model!