Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Today's Assignment... The Latest

Update: We're in the final hours and he's heading to round 2 only by two votes! VOTE NOW! You guys totally rock!

There's 24 hours of voting left and Jeff is in the top 5—by a nose. So if you haven't voted, please click here and vote, vote, vote!

Thanks to all who've voted! We're excited to see what the musical challenge is next week!

Jeff has entered a songwriting contest and the first week's assignment was to write a song reminiscent of an old-school TV theme. He did a funny rip-off of WKRP. Your job is to take 5 minutes, click here and vote for him! Go ahead—do it now!


Anonymous said...

I listened to most of the entries and Jeff's song really was the best.

Unknown said...

His song was really funny! Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Just voted...good luck! Your daughter is adorable!:)

Yvonne Crawford said...

I tried to vote for him, I really liked the song, but I didn't see where to vote? I think the page was messed up or I'm blind. I'll check back later. :)

Good luck!

Yvonne Crawford said...

oh I went back, it worked that time. I'll try to get some friends to vote for him as well