Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sweet Jaden's Coming Home

As I wrote before, I had such an incredible opportunity to meet and cuddle some of the other babies when I was at SLC. Jaden completely stole my heart the second I met her. She put her head on my shoulder and was so sweet. Her mom, Ramona, emailed me a few months ago and we realized both of our girls were born premature and within a week of each other.

Well great news—Jaden will be united with her family soon! They received their first ruling and are expecting to travel in July.

What touched me was that Ramona emailed me to let me know so I wouldn't hear it through someone else. As much as we all celebrate each other's big news, it's been amazing to me how others are able to be so kind, thoughtful and sensitive to those who haven't been so lucky (yet).

Congratulations Ramona! And let's all put our energy toward getting Miss Gracyn home next. :)


momwithfaithandhope said...

Ahh, thanks Jackie! You and Ramona are the best. My energy is not only on Gracyn, but on Lucy too!! Hugs to you.

Cindy said...

Jackie - I am so looking forward to the day I click on your blog and hear news that little Lucy is coming home. I hope your court process moves at record speed and you have news of your own travel itinerary to Taiwan!