Monday, June 9, 2008


The amazing comments and emails today have been such a huge source of comfort. I'm so lucky to have all of you when I'm feeling low—thank you!

I've been blessed to have met so many new friends along this journey, as well as reconnect with family and old friends. Blogging is a pretty powerful tool. Although it can be a conversation killer when catching up in person... people already know everything I'm up to!

Tiffanie, Gracyn's mom, made this and posted to her blog. These three little future California girls need to get home to their moms ASAP. I have a feeling we'll be having lots of adventures—along with Kimi, Sarah and the rest of their Taiwan-born, CA-grown pals.

Ramona (Jaden's mom) sent me an email today that said...
"People all over the country (world, actually) are crying and rejoicing with you. It's a very hard concept to fathom in the privacy of your home, but it's happening. So when she does come home in the upcoming weeks, the world will be celebrating like they've celebrated no other homecoming before."

I was struck by that statement and how much support we've gotten from those we've known and loved for years and those we've barely even met. And for those who've read regularly and remain quiet... say hi! I'd love to hear from you!

This is the perfect opportunity to thank the Taiwan Lucy readers around the globe. In the last month, we've had hits from all over the map (according to my google analytics—29 countries). That's just amazing to me!

So hello to everyone in:
United Kingdom
Puerto Rico
New Zealand
South Korea

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks and keep reading... because we're just getting started on this adventure!


momwithfaithandhope said...

Ramona could not have said it better. Thanks to you, Jackie, we're all experiencing an adoption journey like no other. One filled with its challenges, but one that will be celebrated across the globe. You and your Lucy! xoxo, Tiff

Steve n Coco said...

WOW! Now that is impressive. Like I said yesterday, all these people on your

KB said...

Hey Jackie,

Not sure if I have ever posted on your blog or not....have been reading consistently and waiting for good news to be posted. Lucy is just adorable and I can't imagine your wait...mine has really stunk and yours is much worse...we have a little boy at SLC, just waiting for our approval before posting on the SLC mama board....

Sending best wishes your way,

Anonymous said...

Hey, I read every day all the way in Massachusetts! Isn't that pretty sweet? :-P

Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

I am one of those readers who is checking in and praying often for Lucy and your whole family. I've been so touched by your story specifically, and hope and pray that your beautiful daughter will be in your arms very soon. You can be assured that I will be celebrating along with you in the near future! I wish you all the very best, from one mommy to another.
Sending hugs from Canada!

Two Little Birds said...

I have never posted, but wanted to tell you that I, too, am following your story. Little does Lucy know the beautiful family she is entering into and being together will be so fantastically worth it that (hopefully)this endless journey will be a distant memory sooner than later!
I also want to thank you for the fact that your blog is helping us with our adoption journey. We have been on the waiting list with FFC (FEC) since January. Because it has already been a bumpy road, we are afraid to let ourselves really "feel" because (frankly) it is hard to believe that it will ever atually happen! My husband and I became very emotional while watching your video and for the first time actually let ourselves get invested emotionally. Reading your unfortunate experience now is helping us stay realistic with the ups-and-downs, though still keeping an element of excitement.
I am thinking of your family and Lucy and am waiting to read your good news any day now!
Best wishes from Utah - Jen