Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I got a developmental update this week. The good news... Lucy is saying "mama"! (Let's just hope she's looking at a picture of me when she's saying it)

The less encouraging news... that the update is actually old. Seriously. The weight is less than when I was there with her at the doctor, and the 'can walk by holding the railing' part is laughable considering she was just plain walking with me.

I can imagine it's tough to get updates all the time but I think there's a little communication lost along the way. This is actually good news for those moms who get freaked out by a lack of weight gain or milestones—rest assured it all could be fine but you're just not hearing about it.

Height: 70.5 cm 27.75 inches
Weight: 7.3 kg 16.09 lbs
Head: 43 cm 16.93 inches

Eats rice soup, meshed fruit/veg, rice cookies, steam bun, rice cereal, cracker, steam egg, toast, noodle

Although her size is small, she can climb out from the baby walker. Likes to suck her thumb when she is sleepy (needs pacifier or gentle padding), accepts different variety of food, strong personality, can walk by holding the railing, can say mama, very good in imitating people.


Tisra said...


I'm just glad you got to see her with your own eyes and *know* that she's healthy, well, and that these delayed updates don't reflect the current Lucy! Yay for that!

C'mon judge!

still waiting for referral (on the list 04/2007)

lorabelle said...

Hmmmm, I agree with you...
I'm puzzled with that information since I've seen her with my own eyes walking perfectly fine beside her "ma ma". I'm sure she is looking at a picture when she is saying "ma ma"! YOUR picture!!!
Maybe you could email your agency and see if they could request a "current" update for you?
It can't hurt to ask...