Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ni Hao Taiwan!

We made it! The flight was amazingly comfortable for 14 hours. I guess having two (soon three) small children with me normally was so challenging that only worrying about myself was a breeze...

The airline was incredible... and Christine upgraded us to Elite Class! Now THAT is a friend!

We're at the hotel and it's after midnight. Time to sleep—we've got a 7:30 train.

We're HOURS away, people!


The family of six said...

Oh my gosh now I'm going to be checking in obsessively.

Tisra said...

I second Marina- I'll be an obsessive blog checker right with her! I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU!

waiting for our daughter from Taiwan

meow said...

obsessive?? me???

so glad you had a comfy flight.
What a great friend, indeed!