Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Can't Get Her Out of My Mind

While in Taiwan, I had the honor of meeting and holding lots of other babies. In fact, I was thrilled to meet Sarah and Jaden and give them a care package sent from Mom. And I was blessed to see Lora with her baby Allie—what an incredible bond they shared so quickly. But one little girl who touched my heart hasn't been adopted yet. While I'm not familiar with what her special need really means for the rest of her life, she will forever remain in my mind—she was the most affectionate, alert and sweet being and I truly hope she finds her forever family.

Our agency has her on their site.
If you are a potential adoptive parent and open to special needs, please inquire. She truly was amazing and such a beautfiful child, both inside and out.


Anonymous said...

Jackie, you don't know how much this blog post means to me. My husband and I have inquired about Chia-Ling. And I haven't been able to get her off my mind for months now. We are just trying to get everything in order to go forward with an adoption. And I hope that she will become part of our forever family one day. Knowing someone has given her hugs and a smile means alot to me today. Thank you for posting about her.


JackieMacD said...

Oh Kelly, that's amazing news. I truly hope you find the way to each other. I was so moved by her—what a sweet and cuddly girl. She wanted to play every time I saw her.

Feel free to email me. jmomac@mac.com